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Why Buy from a Private Jeweler

Cheryl WEBSITE more color photo Cheryl Fornash has been a private and custom jeweler in Richmond,VA and the surrounding area since 1995. As a private jeweler, Cheryl functions as your representative to provide you with a diamond engagement ring that meets and exceeds your highest expectations. Cheryl spends many hours researching the diamonds available from her suppliers to ensure you end up with a GIA certified diamond of high quality and value. Cheryl and her master jeweler, Berj, work to provide truly unique and satisfying rings for her discerning clientele. The customers that come to Cheryl want one-on-one education with an expert. They want to select the perfect engagement ring, wedding bands, anniversary gifts, and important mementos. With Cheryl Fornash, you can make that possible.

By working with me you will save time, eliminate the frustration of shopping around, and you will never feel pressured.  It is my responsibility to provide the best experience possible.

Our first meeting is a complimentary education session and I will  teach you what you need to know when purchasing an engagement ring.   There is a lot more to buying a diamond than just the four Cs.  In this meeting, I will educate you on diamonds and you will look at loose diamonds for an understanding of size, clarity, color and the many characteristics that impact the value of the diamond.  In this meeting, you will establish your buying criteria and your budget.  Then I begin searching for the perfect diamond.

I’m a member of a  worldwide network of diamond suppliers. After our meeting, I research and hand select several diamonds that meet your established criteria.  I will review prices of these diamonds prior to our next meeting so you know exactly what diamonds I will be showing you and also the prices.

When we meet, you will evaluate the diamonds I’ve selected specifically for you, and we  work together to design the  perfect setting.  Since I’m a diamond broker and a jeweler, I can offer you a custom designed ring; or you can select a setting from one of my designers.  There is no obligation to purchase a diamond from the ones I’ve selected.  If I need to locate additional diamonds for you to evaluate, I will do so; and we will schedule another meeting.

Before picking up your engagement ring, I prepare an appraisal to be submitted to your insurance company.  When you leave my office with your engagement ring,  you will be confident that you’ve purchased the finest quality diamond engagement ring that fits your budget.  It will be a good investment and one that will appreciate in value.  You will have taken the time to get educated, and you will be clear on what you’ve purchased.  

Buying an engagement ring should be a pleasant experience.  Please contact me to arrange a free educational consultation.  You will be glad you did.


Cheryl Fornash