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About Selling Your Diamond or Diamond Jewelry

If you are interested in selling a diamond ring, loose diamond, gold, or estate jewelry, Cheryl Fornash will meet with you to establish the true value of your diamond or jewelry and offer you the highest possible price. Cheryl Fornash is a highly trusted source for buying and selling diamonds and jewelry.

In order to get started, please complete the form below. If you are selling jewelry without a GIA certified diamond, you need only complete the top part of the form and then submit. If you wish to sell a GIA certified diamond, then please submit a copy of your GIA certificate using this form, either by uploading the form or by completing the manual form entry below.

Cheryl will review your certificate information, and get back to you with an offer within one business day. Should you decide to sell, arrangements will be made for payment. We pay by wire transfer (US only) or by check.

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If your diamond is not GIA-Certified, you may proceed to the bottom of this form and submit. I will contact you shortly to discuss the sale of your diamond or jewelry.

If your diamond is certified, please attach your GIA Report, or complete the certification details below under 'Manual Certificate Entry'.


Manual Certificate Entry

If you submitted a copy of your GIA certificate, you do not need to complete the balance of this form. Please skip to the CONFIRM & SUBMIT section of this form.

If you do not have a digital copy of your GIA certificate, you may enter the details below. Please complete all requested sections.

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