What Is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

A cushion cut diamond exudes timeless richness and beauty in an engagement ring. The cushion cut's large facets set it apart from more current options like the asscher cut. For almost a century, the cushion cut diamond remained the sole choice.

Characteristics Of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are a certain diamond shape and cut. They are square with rounded corners, like a cushion. Cushion cut diamonds feature a faceted pattern similar to round brilliant cut diamonds.


As a "fancy" cut, cushion-cut diamonds are not graded. When it comes to cushion-cut diamond rings, the diamond cut remains critical. On the other hand, a "crushed-ice" cushion-cut diamond has chaotic sparkles, while an "ancient" cushion-cut diamond has defined facets.


Cushion-cut diamonds do not need a clarity inspection, which assesses the stone's flaws and inclusions. From SI2 to VVS1, each diamond has its own mix of imperfections. Cushion diamonds' shape and cut disguise most defects.


Cushion-shaped diamonds keep color better than other diamond shapes. If you choose a cushion-cut diamond, a white gold or platinum band is ideal if the diamond is less than an 'H' hue.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut diamond is a beautiful shaped diamond that has increased in prominence recently.


  • The cushion cut diamond is bright and firey, reflecting both white and colored light brilliantly.
  • The rounded corners of the cut make it a tough gemstone.
  • It's a trendy style, so you'll likely find a bigger range of diamonds.
  • Affordably priced


  • Its open table shows off the stone's flaws.
  • This single cut has a complicated vocabulary from modified cushion cut to classic cushion etc.
  • Obtaining a decent quality rectangle cushion cut is harder than finding a square cushion cut.

Best Setting And Styles For Cushion Cut Diamonds

So, what are the excellent cushion cut diamond settings? Any setting is suitable for a cushion cut diamond. Beautiful in solitaire, bezel, or halo settings. Styles include vintage-inspired, three-stone, and halo are the most popular settings.

How To Choose A Cushion Cut Diamond

Before buying a diamond, learn the 4Cs. Aside from knowing how the 4Cs affect a diamond's beauty, each diamond shape has its own challenges. Color, depth percentage, and table percentage are important factors in cushion cut diamonds.

Cushion cuts have different requirements than other types. Variety, faults, and oddities are what make cushion cuts so appealing. Speak with us today to find out whether a cushion cut diamond is perfect for you, or choose your own engagement ring online.